Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oh. I guess i have been toying with the idea of starting to blog for a while. I started off with a journal a while ago, it got addicting so I figure i would give this a try!

I have been thinking a lot lately about what life has in store especially when it comes to relationships. Specifically I mean girlfriend/boyfriend and eventually marriage. Does anybody really find a person who they think is "perfect"?
For arguments sake you have a list of what kind of qualities your perfect partner would possess.
Now, lets say you meet someone and you take it slow and you try to get to know them. You start thinking that things are going the right direction. Maybe not perfect but going in in a good direction and you generally happy.
BUT. now you go back to your list and there are things that your partner is missing. even though things are going good should you freak out? are you "settling" if you accept them even though they don't match your list?
How do you draw the line? I have asked around to a few people and kind of the response i got was "well when you find someone that you just feel right about you kind of just forget about those wants you had. you don't think of it as "settling" just settling down and realizing that nobody is perfect, so if you want to be happy you just accept it.
so let me know? what do you think about this subject?


  1. Relationships will always be terribly confusing. My opinion is that we should search for the person we think is perfect, but rather the person that makes you feel perfect.