Tuesday, February 17, 2009

its all in my head.. or is it?

so this is nothing new, not a secret, not some magic, and yet sometimes its easy to forget that being happy is just a heartbeat away from being sad. letting the world get you down is just an effort away from stepping up and ruling the day..and its all up to my mind to decide which it will be.
the day might start off crappy, but i can flip it on its ear in an instant if i choose to.
today was one of those days.. the weather was shite.. work less than inspiring.. and not much to look forward to after work..
but as i was sitting there at lunch, for some reason something creeped in. I dont know where it came from and i dont care. a smile started to creep across my face. what is this feeling? its it optimism? dont question it. just go with it! go talk to the guys and tell a joke. smile. get on the phone and find out where that information you are waiting for is! take no prisoners!
the day has been "carpe'd" and it didnt take a magic wand. It didnt take an effort from anybody else. it didnt take a single penny to do. just a change of attitude. how is it so easy to forget that we have the power right there in our hands the whole time, all it takes is reigning it in. dont dwell in the negative or the things you cant change. look at what you can do to improve the situation. there is almost nothing to it


  1. "Just a change in attitude." I get that so very much. You aren't so misunderstood :-D

  2. Nice post. It is good to write our ideas. This makes us think over.

    Best wishes,